• Neu HIKRA® PlusXL (PV1-F)

    The next generation of solar cables,
    certified by TÜV acc. PV1-F.

    From the fourth quarter in 2015, certified by VDE in accordance to the first international cable standard EN50618 (H1Z2Z2-K)

    - Nominal voltage [U0/U]: 0,6/1,0kV AC
    - Max. permitted operating voltage: 1,8kV DC
      (conductor/conductor not grounded system, non-loaded circuit)
    - Internal examination: 2,0kV DC (conductor/conductor not grounded system,
       non-loaded circuit)
    - Cable has a special water repellency and can be laid directly into ground
    - Short circuit-proof to 200°C/5s (Internal examination 250°C/5s)

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  • HISbox® AC Combiner

    Inverter connection box for up to 10 inverters. We will build a ready to install combiner to your specifications and deliver it with all the necessary documentation. We incorporate the following safeguards:
    - 3 or 4 pole circuit breaker (MCB) up to 63A
    - D0 fused switches up to 63A
    - NH00 power isolator up to 160A

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    HIS Switch Box

    The HIS Switch Box for 1- or 3-phase backup power systems is regulated and controlled by the manufacturer’s inverter power meter and creates an isolated grid during a mains blackout. All poles of the PV complex, along with all other consumers, are safely isolated from the public grid.

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  • HISbox® Monitoring

    Monitor and optimize your system's yield and safety with string-specific HISbox®-Monitoring-SCK. We produce optimized solutions for your PV-plant inclusive necessary protective gear, according to countryspecific requirements. We offer the complete solution in the well established HISbox® quality with all the requisite protective, isolation and surge facilities.

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  • New, available now:
    Amphenol H4 UTX PV-connector

    This brand new connector is multiple listed according to TÜV, UL and JET. All standards in once. An enhancement over the H4, is the H4 UTX’S ratcheting gland back nut, which prevents backspin once the nut is tightened.


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