• HISkon® Inlinefuse / Fuse-connector
    1000V / 1500V

    You need to fit fuses to your PV unit? As well as the protection in the inverter or combiner box, you can safeguard DC-strings with an in-line fuse. Moreover we offer you the possibility of also connecting several strings on the cable level with our U- or E-distriibutors permitting connection in parallel and the ability to protect each string individually.

  • HIKRA SOL 1500V (H1Z2Z2-K))

    - 1500V DC EN50618 certified (H1Z2Z2-K)

    - Meter-marking for easy installation

    - Optionally with red marking on black compound

    - Direct burial acc. UL 44 cl. 5.4 &

    download data sheet HIKRA SOL 1500V

  • HISbox® Monitoring 1000V / 1500 V –
    String current monitoring (shunt technology)

    Monitor and optimize the output of your plant with string
    current measurements using shunt technology. We
    manufacture the optimum solution for your plant to your
    specifications. The high measurement precision and
    minimal own consumption sets this compact system apart
    from others.

  • HISkon® Splitter

    Minimize the amount of installation work and increase operational safety with customized ready-to-plug cables for your system. By using modern welding technology and high quality components an optimum interconnection can be achieved with lowest contact losses.